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Bio- How it all Began 

Maria F. Urbani-Carson received her BS degree in Elementary and Special Education from West Chester University. She has worked with the special needs’ population since 1972 in the capacity of a life skills specialist and a group home supervisor, and as a special education teacher for the last 26 years until her retirement at the end of 2017.  As a teacher, she developed many individual education life skills programs and assisted in numerous transition job training activities. She is an active member in the music and prayer ministry at her church, Saint Catherine of Sienna. She enjoys singing, dancing, gardening, cooking, reading, dates with her hubby, and keeping in touch with family and friends.  Maria has 2 daughters, Rachael and Jessica, and enjoys visiting them when she can in New York State and Florida. She is the 2nd eldest of 8 siblings and the aunt of 6 great–nieces and nephews, and 13 nieces and nephews, one of which is Sara Woerth, the founder of Woerth-It Hollow.  Maria lives with her devoted husband, George Carson, in Quarryville, PA in southern Lancaster County.


George J. Carson majored in psychology at the University of Delaware. After various jobs in the produce industry and a job as a car salesman, George began his lifelong career in the field of human services at Elwyn Institute in 1972. He served in this field as a life skills specialist, a building supervisor, and a distinguished case manager until his retirement in 2012. In addition to his duties as a case manager, he also worked closely with Doctor Marvin Rosen and others and participated in research and the development of rehabilitation programs at Elwyn Institute to enhance the lives of the residents within his care.

For a number of years, George has raised and cared for many animals including his Irish setters, his daughters’ two Australian shepherds and chihuahua mix grand pups, his Siamese and Burmese show cats, the family pets that included Pumpkin. Mittens, Tiger, and the Rottweiler, Emily, and, his horse, Red. George has been touched by the spirit of all his animals especially Kelly, Emily, and Red. George enjoys traveling, horseback riding-western style, gardening, cooking, researching online bargains, reading, science fiction movies and books, and engaging in role-playing video games. He is currently working part-time as an usher at the American Music Theater. He is the proud father of two daughters, Rachael and Jessica and visits them in New York and Florida whenever he can. He has been married to Maria Urbani-Carson for nearly 35 years. They live in Quarryville, PA in Southern Lancaster County.

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