The mission of Woerth It Hollow is twofold.

To rescue, rehabilitate and rehome equines, many of whom are bound for slaughter.

And to provide therapy, both physical and mental, for Veterans and the disabled.

Unlike most equine therapy programs, our horses are rescues and in need, much like those that participate in our programs. We provide a home, much-needed care, and rehabilitation, and training for these horses, who in turn are then part of teaching veterans and disabled the about equine, farming and general animal care.


This is Hope and Hopes New owner.  She was adopted by a little girl named Kendall.  When Hope arrived she did not trust anyone or anything.  She was scared of her own shadow.  In a years time, she was broke and found a new home where she continues to strive!!!!

Colerain Township



United States


Rehabilitate Horses Rehabilitate army veterans

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