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What We Do


What We Do

Woerth It Hollow provides education in herd mentality as well as horsemanship. With this knowledge we show participants how to work with the horse from the ground. By having our participants help the horses, the stigma of traditional therapy is not a deterrent from participating. Our participants (veterans, and individuals with disabilities) can build a connection with our horses through grooming, groundwork, and horsemanship. Unlike most equine therapy programs, our horses are in need, much like the veterans participating in our programs. There are also many opportunities to work on very rewarding barn chores. Feeding the animals, mucking stalls, and cleaning the barn and barnyard are also examples of barn chores that anyone can work on with an instructor or current volunteer. By completing barn chores, the participant gains self-confidence.


This is Hope and Hope's New owner.  She was adopted by a little girl named Kendall.  When Hope arrived she did not trust anyone or anything.  She was scared of her own shadow.  In a year's time, she was broke and found a new home where she continues to strive!!!!

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