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Woerth It Hollow provides a place for Veterans to come to learn how to be involved in farming and/or the equine business. Not only do we have an assortment of animals to work with, but we also have extensive conservation farming opportunities as well as sustainable vegetable farming areas we would love to expand. Veteran Farming represents an opportunity for growth as farmers over the age of 65 outnumber those under 35, over 6 to one across the farming field.

In addition, we allow Veterans to gain equine knowledge by rehabilitation their own horse or continue with the equine field in some capacity.

Our goal is to provide a place where all Veterans can find meaning and purpose with the equine and farming industries.

We open our doors to visitors and participants on every Wednesday Night at 5:30 p.m., offering structured and unstructured opportunities for barn work, horse grooming and exercise, riding exposure and general rehab and medical care training. In addition, we will customize programs as needed, and try to either accommodate all needs or find a facility that can handle anything we can’t.

As Executive Director of Woerth It Hollow and a disabled veteran herself, Sara has created this magical place in order to continue her legacy of selfless service and help her fellow brothers and sisters in arms be a part of this mission.

to fill out our online waiver form.

Just a few of Our Veterans
Stella with Army Veteran Tony come to the
fence to meet another participant for the
first time
Tony riding Sherman

Army Veteran Adam
riding Fiona
and assisting with our Disability Program
Army Veteran Nancy
and three of her children enjoying crawfish hunting in the creek after finishing time in the barn with the horses
thumbnail (5).jpg
Army Veteran Randi
at Woerth It Hollow's Open House going over different kinds of common parasites that affect a horse.
Army Veteran John
at Woerth It Hollow's conducting CAVY & TRUST Training on Wednesday Nights. We are fortunate to have had John teaching us about horsemanship. 
Army Veteran Anu
with daughter Priya greeting King Charles upon his arrival to the Hollow
Military Veteran Nick
working with Stella and Pegasus during our Wednesday Night Training
Veteran Photo 1.jpg
Veteran Anu Datta with daughter Pryia greeting King Charles.jpg
Army Veteran Dave
and wife Mary working with
the horses
Army Veteran Dave and wife Mary 09.jpg
Army Veteran Dave and wife Mary 005.jpg
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