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Our Programs

Currently every Wednesday beginning at 5:30 pm we offer our Veteran & Volunteer Program. The confidence, self-awareness, and overall life improvement this program provides has made it a favorite among everyone who comes to Woerth It Hollow. Not to mention the horsemanship skills that are learned in the program. However, as the program grows so does our need for funding for

facility repairs and expansion, and the ability to have more horses for the program.


During the week one on one by appointment only the TRUST program is offered to the Veterans and Disabled. This allows Wednesday night program participants to practice the skills they are learning. It allows those who are unable to attend the Wednesday night program to gain the much-needed equine therapy they are seeking. In addition, we customize the program as needed, and try to accommodate all needs. If this program cannot meet the participant's need we will assist in finding a facility that can. As this program continues to grow, appointment times are becoming vague and we are growing the need for trained staff, along with more horses to utilize.


Our programs have proven successful. We will

continue to offer structured and unstructured

opportunities for barn work, horse grooming

and exercise, riding exposure, and general

rehab, medical care training, and overall the

best skill true horsemanship. In addition, we

will customize programs as needed, and try to either accommodate all needs or find a facility that can handle anything we can’t.


As Executive Director of Woerth It Hollow and disabled veteran herself, Sara has created this magical place in order to continue her legacy of selfless service and help her fellow brothers and sisters in arms be a part of this mission.

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